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Let's talk about women's health

When people talk about "women's health" they often think about women's reproductive health. They think about menstruation, pregnancy and the hormones involved in these processes. But to us, women’s health carries a deeper meaning beyond what happens when someone has XX chromosomes. Biological sex is important, and we talk about this a lot in the Women's Health Blog, but women's health is so much more than that. Gender identity, societal norms, healthcare practices and education are also deeply implicated in all aspects of women's health. All of these factors, and more, come together to impact women in a way that we are just starting to understand. 

What is the blog?

The Women's Health Blog brings you original content every month to help demystify the complexity of this topic while reflecting the multifaceted nature of women and gender-diverse people through two types of blogs. The first is a research blog that serves as a platform for new researchers to broadcast their findings to diverse audiences by writing on a topic of their expertise. The second is the Behind the Science blogs which are Q&A interview series highlighting success stories from professionals across diverse groups to increase visibility of underrepresented groups. We invite you to take a look around and offer your thoughts, experiences and feedback on our blog here. If you want to write a blog post, check out our writing guidelines and submit your pitch here.


We strive to bring you up to date research on a variety of topics. When reading our blogs, please note the date they were published to gauge how recent the research is. No information on our blog should be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from a qualified doctor or clinician. Instead, we encourage you to print out our blogs and bring them to your healthcare provider as supplementary material. 

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