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Women's Health Seminar Series

Women's Health Seminar Series

The Women’s Health Seminar Series will feature multidisciplinary research on women’s health. The goal of the series is to provide multidisciplinary training and mentorship for trainees, across a broad range of women’s health research topics. Speakers will present their research regarding the biological, psychological, behavioural, economic and social factors in women’s health and their effects on women’s health outcomes. Each seminar will feature 45 minutes talks followed by an interactive question and answer period.

The series is open to all, interested faculty, clinicians, staff, and trainees. 

Time and Location:

All the seminars will be held on Mondays from 12:00pm – 1:00pm (PST) at the Rudy North Lecture Theatre (LL 101) at the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health (CBH), UBC. Unless otherwise indicated. Video Conferencing available. 

Note: Trainees and students will be awarded a Certificate of completion at the end of the series. (Awarded based on 90% attendance).

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Women's Health Seminar Series
(Fall 2019 Schedule)




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Week 1 

Monday, Sept 23, 2019 

 CBH 101 LT 

Lost in Translation? The case for Women’s Health Research

Dr. Liisa Galea, Professor in the Department of Psychology, member of the Centre for Brain Health, Director of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience at UBC, and Scientific Advisor at Women’s Health Research Institute


Week 2 

Monday, Sept 30, 2019 

CBH 101 LT 

Women’s Sexual Health

Dr. Lori Brotto, Executive Director of the Women’s Health Research Institute at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre. Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, with a Joint Appointment in the Department of Psychiatry, UBC

Week 3 

Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019 

CBH 101 LT 

The Long and Short of it: Neurobiology of Pregnancy and Motherhood 

Dr. Liisa Galea, Professor in the Department of Psychology, member of the Centre for Brain Health, Director of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience at UBC, and Scientific Advisor at Women’s Health Research Institute

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Week 4 

Monday, Oct 28, 2019 

CBH 101 LT 

Women and Stroke, and Women in Stroke: Optimizing representation for the best possible outcomes


Dr. Thalia Field,  Stroke Neurologist and Associate Professor, Division of Neurology at UBC, Postgraduate Program Director and Co-director of Research, Vancouver Stroke Program

Week 5 

Monday, Nov 4, 2019

CBH 101 LT 

“What can Fruit Flies tell us about the Sex-specific Control of Fat Metabolism?”


Dr. Elizabeth Rideout, Assistant Professor in the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences at UBC, and Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar

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Week 6 

Monday, Nov 18, 2019 

CBH 101 LT 

Vitamin Adequacy in Early life for Maternal, Child, and Long-term Health

Dr. Yvonne Lamers, Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health, UBC and Canada Research Chair in Human Nutrition and Vitamin Metabolism 

Week 7 

Monday, Nov 25, 2019

UBC Life Sciences Centre (LSC) 1312 

Depression in women: The path from stress to depression

Dr. Joelle LeMoult, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at  UBC, member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Women’s Health Research Institute, and a Registered Clinical Psychologist

Week 8 

Monday, Dec 2, 2019 

CBH 101 LT 

Sex Differences in Acute Coronary Syndromes

Dr. Karin H Humphries, Associate Professor, Division of Cardiology, UBC, Scientific Director, B.C. Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health and UBC-Heart and Stroke Foundation Professor in Women’s Cardiovascular Health

Week 9 

Monday, Dec 9, 2019 

CBH 101 LT 

Peripheral and Central Nervous System Contributors to endometriosis-associated Pain

Dr. Paul Yong, Assistant Professor in the UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Research Director and a Gynecologist at the BC Women’s Centre for Pelvic Pain & Endometriosis

(Spring 2020 Schedule)   Register for the Spring 2020 series here

Mon, Jan 6, 2020

CBH 101 LT  “Healthy Women, Healthy Economies: Women’s health as a determinant of long-run prosperity”? Dr. Marina Adshade, Faculty Member, Vancouver School of Economics, UBC

Mon, Jan 20, 2020

CBH 101 LT 

Beyond “Women’s Cancers”?: How and Why Gender Matters in the Design of Medically and Culturally Competent Cancer Research & Systems of Care

Dr. Mary K. Bryson, Senior Associate Dean, Administration, Faculty Affairs & Innovation, Faculty of Education

Mon, Jan 27, 2020

CBH 101 LT  “Influence of the stress system on learning and memory: Implications for women’s health across the lifespan” Dr. Rebecca Todd, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, UBC. Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar and CIHR New Investigator

Mon, Feb 10, 2020

CBH 101 LT  “Communicating with new mothers about breastfeeding: A health promotion, health-equity, patient-centred focus” Dr. Suzanne Hetzel Campbell, Associate Professor, Applied Science, School of Nursing, UBC

Mon, Feb 24, 2020

CBH 101 LT 

“Prenatal Alcohol Exposure, Fetal Programming and Later Life Vulnerabilities: From Basic Science to Clinical Research”

Dr. Joanne Weinberg, Professor and Distinguished University Scholar, Emerita, Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences, Life Sciences Institute, UBC

Mon, Mar 2, 2020

LSC 1312

“What do Cancer Narratives do and Why do they do it?”

Dr. Judy Segal, Professor, Department of English Language and Literatures, Faculty Member, Science and Technology Studies Graduate Program, Faculty of Arts, UBC

Mon, Mar 9, 2020

CBH 101 LT  “Partnering with Policy Makers to Make an Impact in Women’s Health Research” Dr. Sarah Munro, Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, UBC and a Scientist with the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcomes Sciences, UBC

Mon, Mar 23, 2020

CBH 101 LT  TBA Dr. Alexander Beristain, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, UBC
Mon, Mar 30, 2020 CBH 101 LT  "Sex Differences in Exercise: Implications for Women's Health" Dr. Cindy Barha, Postdoctoral fellow
Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, UBC

Mon, Apr 20, 2020

CBH 101 LT 

“When Love Hurts: Exploring the intersection of intimate partner violence and traumatic brain injury”

Dr. Paul van Donkelaar, professor, Health and Exercise Sciences, UBCO and Karen Mason, Advocate for women survivors of intimate partner violence

Mon, Apr 27, 2020

CBH 101 LT 

"Stress, Reproduction and Beyond!"

Dr. Pablo Nepomnaschy, Associate Professor, and MSFHR Scholar, Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact Ama Kyeremeh, Coordinator, Women's Health Research Cluster. Email: