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About Us

The Women’s Health Research Cluster is an international multidisciplinary network of researchers, clinicians, community partners and trainees that work together to advance the health outcomes of women worldwide. Although we use the terms female/male to indicate biological sex, we mainly use women/men to encompass the terms sex and gender.

Why Women’s Health Research

Although advances in sex-and-gender-based research approaches are needed to guide researchers in carrying out inclusive research, many domains of women’s health remain minimally, or not at all, studied. Women’s health research approaches are necessary to understand individual differences between women. There is a critical need to study individual differences across women, and to consider how different physiological (hormonal) experiences (menstruation, pregnancy, menopause) can influence women’s health and treatment and how gendered experiences and expectations may drive some of these differences.


We aspire to create a future where women can live equitably healthy lives from birth to old age.


To form a multidisciplinary collaborative network of researchers and stakeholders to promote, expand, and catalyse impactful women’s health research.

Short-term goals

  1. Establish a network of multidisciplinary researchers and engage women's health stakeholders across disciplines worldwide.
  2. Advance knowledge translation and training in knowledge translation within the field of women’s health.
  3. Create a collaborative interdisciplinary graduate program in Women’s Health at UBC.

Long-term goal

Achieve sex-and-gender based health equity.