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Sex and Gender Based Analysis

Sex and gender based analysis (SGBA) is an important aspect of research. Listed below are resources available to aid in the understanding of SGBA, and explain or demonstrate how to best incorporate an SGBA lens into research. Check back frequently as new resources are always being added. We welcome suggestions about new resources that might be a good fit for our library too! Let us know what we could add by emailing our Director of Operations & Strategic Initiatives. 

Disclaimer: We strive to bring you up to date research on a variety of topics. When reviewing the content below, please note the date they were published to gauge how recent the information is.


Sex Cells!

Watch this video to learn how to implement SGBA+ into your own research with a focus on neuroscience.

How to SGBA: Lessons Learned on Incorporating Gender into Research

Watch this video to learn how to incorporate sex and gender into human and animal research.

How to SGBA: Analyzing and Disseminating your Data

Watch this video to learn how to incorporate SGBA+ into the data analysis and dissemination phase of research.

Lost in Translation: Why Studying Sex/Gender Differences Isn't Enough to Move the Dial on Women’s Health


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