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The Women's Health Blog Turns One!

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Thursday, May 6, 2021 - 15:07

What a year it has been! The blog had over 3,000 readers from all around the world. We were lucky to share the work of talented trainees from all levels, and we’re just getting started.

Our upcoming goals for the year include expanding our impact by diversifying our readership and highlighting the work of underrepresented groups of researchers. We are also excited to continue offering knowledge translation opportunities to trainees interested in sharing their work. Additionally, our "Behind the Science" series is now in full swing. If you would like to be featured or know someone you would like to see interviewed, email us at

Please fill out this feedback form if you have comments or suggestions about how we can improve the blog or to share what you love about it. 

Missed a blog? No problem! Here’s a breakdown of what was covered.


Diversity in Academia: Personal Experiences and Advice from a Postdoctoral fellow 

Mental Health 

Responses To Anxiety And Depression During Pregnancy Require Funding Say Care Providers 

Learning To Forget: Making The Case For Sex-specific Approaches To The Treatment Of PTSD 

Mental Health Awareness Beyond Anxiety And Depression: Shedding Light On The Body Image Problem

Women’s Brain Health Series: Symposium Two Summary

Pregnancy and Mental Health: New Research Paves the Way for Better Treatment

Chronic Disease 

Sex-and-gender-based Considerations In Exercise-based Randomized Controlled Trials In Individuals With Stroke: A Road Of Opportunities Ahead

Osteoporosis In Canadian Women: Building Strong Bones For A Healthy Life 

Social Justice

Are All Women In Canada Really Free To Choose?

Barriers In Transgender Research


The Pandemic Is Taking Women’s Breath Away: Intimate Partner Violence And Strangulation On The Rise During Covid-19

Violence Against Women Escalates As We Flatten The Curve For The Covid-19 Pandemic

Why Paying Attention To Sex And Gender Will Advance Our Knowledge On Covid-19

Current Events 

Behind The Frontlines For World Health Day 

International Women’s Day: Ubc Day On The Hill

Women’s Health In Review: 2020 

Behind The Science 

Bonnie Lee: Phd Neuroscience Student, Ubc

Methods for Advancing Sex and Gender in Research 

Sex/Gender Research: Resources For The Early Integrator To The Advanced Champion

Sex Differences Are No Afterthought