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Women's Brain Health Conference

In light of the pandemic we decided to transform our inaugural Women's Brain Health Conference into a virtual conference series! Our original conference program has been broken up into 10 sessions, which will be held once a month on Zoom. You'll get the same speakers, the same talks and the same symposia—just in a different format. To ensure participants can make lasting connections, we will be hosting networking sessions and trainee mentor sessions. You are invited to join all of these gatherings, or pick and choose which ones you want to attend

This conference will focus on many aspects of brain health (cognitive, mental, aging, disease risk) and highlight how women have unique health needs and are more susceptible to specific brain diseases. It will engage researchers and stakeholders from a wide range of disciplines to provide a forum where leaders in women-focused brain health research can connect and collaborate to advance future research that can improve the health of women. The overall objective of this conference is to bring attention to the brain health issues that women face and encourage the medical, scientific and commercial communities to address them

Check out our Conference Program to see what we've got in store. 

Here is a breakdown of the different type of events that make up our conference program:

Fireside Chat: A deeper conversation between a guest speaker and moderator who will deeply explore a topic of interest. Attendees will get a change to engage with the speaker in an interactive Q&A. 

Workshop: An interactive presentation that encourages attendee participation to encourage deeper learning and connection. 

Special Presentation: Non-academic presentations given by members of the public who have areas of expertise outside of those typically found in a university setting. 

Hot Topics Symposium: A collection of talks that discuss topics related to current events and new research.  

Trainee-Mentor Session: Students will have the opportunity to meet and engage with sex and gender experts through informal conversations on diverse topics including professional development and research. 

Networking Session: An opportunity for attendees to connect with one another about topics that interest them. Discussions may focus on conference presentations or attendees could share new project ideas and ask about each others work. To close our conference we will have a Virtual Cocktail Hour where we will facilitate a loosely structured conversation around women's brain health.

*If you registered for this conference before April 2020 you will automatically be given access to the entire conference series at no additional charge. However, we ask that you sign up for each conference event that you'd like to attend so we can send meeting details only to those interested in joining. When registering, please use the discount code provided to you by email on Aug 21st.