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Dr. Rubee Dev

Assistant Professor

School of Nursing

University of British Columbia

Gender, Society, and Health

Dr. Dev received a BScN degree in Nursing from the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal in 2007. She completed her Master’s of Public Health with a specialty in Maternal and Child Health at the University of Washington (UW), Seattle, USA in 2014 and her PhD in Nursing Science from the UW in 2018. Dr. Dev completed her postdoctoral fellowship from the Sun Yat-sen University Global Health Institute, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China in 2020 and from the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada in 2022.

During her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Alberta, the overarching aims of her project were to integrate sex and gender dimensions in applied health research, to evaluate their impact on clinical cost-sensitive outcomes and patients reported outcomes related to quality of life in noncommunicable diseases including cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, chronic kidney disease and neurological disease.

Dr. Dev currently is a sex and gender science researcher. Her area of research interest is maternal and child health, specifically as it relates to the reproductive health of women; adolescent sexual and reproductive health; chronic disease prevention and management; and sex and gender differences in non-communicable disease outcome. In particular, much of her work entails extensive research to identify the data gaps and opportunities for action in meeting the needs of women and strengthening the evidence base.

Area of Research Expertise
Women's health; Maternal & child health, Sexual & reproductive health; Chronic disease prevention & management; Health systems & services