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Maggie Woo Kinshella

PhD Student Study Coordinator

Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Faculty of Medicine

University of British Columbia

Applied (Clinical and Engineering Applications)

Maggie Woo Kinshella (@MaggieWooK on Twitter) is the Global Health Research Coordinator with PRE-EMPT (PREgnancy Evidence, Monitoring, Partnerships and Treatment), IMCHA (Innovating for Maternal and Child Health in Africa) and BEMEQ (Burden Ethnographic Modeling Evaluation Qaujilisaaqtuq) projects in the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Pathology at UBC. She works closely with the "Integrating a Neonatal Healthcare Package" (IMCHA) project in Malawi, especially on qualitative research to understand barriers and facilitators to the scale up of low-cost and locally appropriate neonatal innovations using a family-centred hospital care approach, as well as with the community engagement, health care worker evaluation, and maternal death analysis of the “Community Level Interventions for Pre-eclampsia” (PRE-EMPT) project in Mozambique, India and Pakistan.

Additionally, Maggie is a PhD student in the Reproductive and Developmental Sciences (RDS) program, working with Dr Rajavel Elango and the Elango Lab. Her PhD research focuses on maternal diet and pregnancy hypertension in sub-Saharan Africa and is part of the PRECISE Network led by Dr Peter von Dadelszen, which will recruit around 12,000 pregnant women and women of reproductive age in Kenya, Mozambique and the Gambia to better understand placental conditions. Maggie obtained a MA in Cultural Medical Anthropology and a BA in Psychology and Anthropology from UBC. Maggie is passionate about global health, gender and reducing inequalities in health. As such, she has worked as a consultant in the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver,  youth health across BC, maternal and child health in Ethiopia, sex-and-gender-based violence prevention in Western Kenya and with the intersection of food security and maternal and child health in rural Tanzania.

Area of Research Expertise
Qualitative research; Neonatal innovations; Pre-eclampsia; Maternal diet; Pregnancy hypertension; Sub-Saharan Africa