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Luzia Troebinger, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

University College London

Applied (Clinical and Engineering Applications)

Luzia Troebinger completed her PhD at the UCL Functional Imaging Laboratory under the supervision of Gareth Barnes and Sven Bestmann. While she focused quite heavily on electrophysiological data in her early career, she always had a strong interest in psychopharmacology, neuroendocrinology and their clinical applications. She initially pursued this interest during her first postdoc, which involved projects at the University of Tromso in Norway and at Goldsmiths College in London, where she studied the effects of nicotine on visual attention using EEG. This research ultimately led Luzia to apply for her current position at the UCL Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit, where she is involved in studying pharmacological treatment approaches to PTSD.

Area of Research Expertise
PTSD; Trauma; Gonadal Hormones; Stress; Psychopharmacology