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Dr. Kendall Soucie

Assistant Professor

University of Windsor

Gender, Society, and Health

Dr. Soucie earned her B.A. at the University of Windsor, her M.A. at Wilfrid Laurier University, and her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Wayne State University. She recently joined the University of Windsor as a tenure-track faculty member in the Child Clinical area in 2019. Her most recent research interests are in understanding the social, cultural, and institutional determinants of women’s health and chronic illness diagnosis and management (e.g., diagnosis experiences, misdiagnoses/errors, illness disclosure, patient-practitioner communications, and obesity stigma). Dr. Soucie is also a strong proponent of mixed-method research designs and integrates qualitative and quantitative methodologies to better understand these domains of study. 

Area of Research Expertise
Diagnosis experiences; Misdiagnoses; Illness disclosure; Patient-practitioner communications; Obesity stigma