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Keila Turino Miranda

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University of Alberta

Keila Turino Miranda is a fourth-year Honors Pharmacology student at the University of Alberta. She is an up and coming researcher part of Dr. Sofia Ahmed’s lab and is in the process of submitting a systematic review and meta-analysis looking into cardiovascular risk and route of estrogen administration in transgender women. Additionally, Keila co-led an international workshop titled “Transgender Health: Personal, Research and Clinical perspectives” with over 100 registrants. More recently, she collaborated with Hypertension Canada on a two-day seminar series titled “Hypertension Across the Lifespan” to advocate for the advancement of CV care. Additionally, Keila is President of the Pharmacology Students’ Association and Golden Mentors at the University of Alberta, with additional work as lead of University of Calgary’s Libin Student Led Initiatives. Check out her article for the Women’s Health Research Cluster titled “Barriers in Transgender Research.