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Dawn Poh

Medical Student

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Gender, Society, and Health

I am currently a 4th-year medical student in Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, Johor, Malaysia, but born and bred in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. I have a keen interest in obstetrics and gynaecology and have plans to sub-specialize in gynae-oncology. I will be planning my specialty training in the U.K. upon graduation. I am a university ambassador for InciSioN MY, currently attending virtual international conferences hosted by WHO, G4 Alliances, Woman In Global Health, etc., to broaden insights on Global Surgery and raise awareness of gender equity around the globe. I was involved with a systematic review on 'The psychological impact of early pregnancy loss on the male partner.', describing the different reactions and coping mechanisms of men regarding the matter. I have plans of intercalating to pursue the Masters of Research (MRes) project targeting research to improvise women's health and promote gender equity. 

Area of Research Expertise
Psychological; Early pregnancy loss; Men; Coping mechanisms; Gender equity