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Dr. Danielle Perro

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Oxford

Applied (Clinical and Engineering Applications)

Hi! I'm Danielle. I recently completed my PhD at the University of Oxford, where I studied and phenotyped widespread pain in women living with chronic pelvic pain, and conditions such as endometriosis. As a Postdoctoral Researcher, I use epidemiology to study period pain in adolescence and understand both its causes and impact on chronic pain later in life.

I'm also a passionate science communicator and advocate for women's health, with a dedication to working with the public to inform my science and the way I communicate about it. I’m always open to collaborating with others in the women’s health space to communicate research to those who would benefit from it most, and different audiences across the life course.

Area of Research Expertise
Pain; Period pain; Women's health; Adolescence; Life course approach; Epidemiology; Science communication