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Claudia Barth


Diakonhjemmet Hospital

Discovery (Biological & Genetic Mechanisms)

Dr. Claudia Barth is a biologist by training who majored in neurobiology. During her PhD studies at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science in Leipzig (Germany), she started working at the front-line of women’s health research by exploring the effects of hormonal transition states on mental illnesses and the brain using dense-sampling approaches, large population-based datasets and machine learning tools. In her current role as early career researcher at the Diakonhjemmet Hospital and the Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research, Oslo, she serves as Co-Chair of the Enhancing NeuroImaging Genetics Through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) Early Onset Psychosis Working Group to foster global research collaborations on this topic. Furthermore, she co-founded the Women’s NeuroNetwork ( to enhance collaboration and academic excellence among female neuroscientists, and actively combat known gender imbalances in academia.

Dr. Barth is looking to hire a PhD student: