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Chhavi Mehra

Podcast Coordinator

University of British Columbia

Chhavi Mehra is the podcast coordinator at the Women's Health Research Cluster. She is a ball of excitement who loves to explore different cultures and learn about people from different walks of life. Her curiosity to learn more about the world as an Indian woman and how her intersecting identities impact those around her led her to pursue her B.A. in journalism from Seattle University in the U.S. and now her M.A. in journalism at UBC. Chhavi currently runs her own podcast, “A Cup of Culture,” where she uses her voice and her platform to amplify the stories of women from around the world who are making the world a better place. At WHRC, she hopes to bring her multicultural lens and voice to the table to amplify the messaging around women’s health and ensure that all women thrive. In her spare time, you can find her exploring local coffee shops, engaging in deep conversations with her friends, munching on hot Cheetos while watching scary movies, or doing her absolute best to bring a smile to people’s faces.