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Bonnie Lee

Events & Communications Assistant PhD Student

University of British Columbia

Discovery (Biological & Genetic Mechanisms)

Bonnie Lee is our Events & Communications assistant, Trainee Cluster Lead, and Trainee Member. She is a Neuroscience PhD Candidate at the University of British Columbia studying with Dr. Liisa Galea in the Laboratory of Behavioural Neuroendocrinology.

Her research is focused on understanding how sex and sex-linked factors, including previous reproductive experience and hormone therapy use, may interact with Alzheimer’s disease risk to influence the aging brain. In particular, she is interested in examining changes to cognition, neuroplasticity, and neuroinflammation. Aside from being a graduate student, Bonnie is also a Trainee Lead at the Women’s Health Research Cluster and the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health Trainee Network (UBC Chapter). Through these roles, she has contributed blog posts on women’s health topics, helped plan Trainee Presentation events, facilitated breakout rooms about SGBA+ in biomedical research, and spearheaded an annual Trainee-Mentor workshop series.