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Becky Donelon

Advanced Care Paramedic

Government of Alberta

Becky has worked and developed educational governance frameworks and regulatory legislation at provincial and national levels and currently holds a Manager role in licensing and compliance with Alberta Health. Obtaining her first paramedic credentials in 1980 as an EMT-A followed by Advanced Care Paramedic in 1997 she worked clinical practice in EMS ground, flight, and integrated fire/ems settings, eventually moving into clinical education leadership roles. In early 2011, Becky shifted to public policy and regulatory frameworks, participating in the development of provincial Education Program approval standards, the Paramedic Professions Regulation and the Ground Ambulance Regulation. Becky has earned a Masters of Arts in Distance Learning and a Doctor of Education where her focus on research in accessibility to mentors, relational ethics and experiences that shape paramedic learning provide a foundation for improving paramedicine educational and practice policy frameworks and evidence based outcomes. Other roles Becky remains committed to is improving the experience of students and preceptors who carry the significant weight of the learning to be, and do, as a professional paramedic, in so many meaningful ways.