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Dr. Annaliese Beery

Assistant Professor

UC Berkeley

Discovery (Biological & Genetic Mechanisms)

Annaliese Beery studies the neurobiology of social behavior, impacts of experience on development, and the importance of using diverse organisms (both sexes and multiple species) in biological research. In the latter area, she has contributed to multiple efforts to promote inclusion of females as research subjects, as well as commentaries on the importance of comparative research.

Dr. Beery did her undergraduate work at Caltech/Williams College, completed graduate work at UC Berkeley, and was a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar (postdoctoral fellow) at UCSF and UC Berkeley. In 2010 she began a faculty position at Smith College, and in 2021 returned to UC Berkeley. 

Area of Research Expertise
Sex bias; sex inclusion; sex differences; social behaviour; oxytocin; sociality; prairie voles; meadow voles; rats; mice; humans