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Dr. Anna MacKinnon

Assistant Professor

Chu Sainte-Justine Research Center

Université de Montréal

Applied (Clinical and Engineering Applications)

Dr. Anna MacKinnon's research focuses on social determinants of child health and development, risk and resilience for perinatal mental health, as well as intervention programs for psychological distress and parenting. She recently completed her postdoctoral work at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, in the Departments of Psychology and Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary. She is a registered clinical psychologist, who received her PhD from McGill University and completed a CPA-accredited residency at the London Health Sciences Centre, with training in treatment for children and families from diverse backgrounds.

Dr. MacKinnon is also the Co-Chair of the WHRC's Perinatal Mental Health Working Group

Area of Research Expertise
Perinatal mental health; Psychological interventions; Child development; Social determinants; Resilience