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Dr. Ann Pederson

Adjunct Professor

School of Population and Public Health

Women's Health Research Institute

Academic Collaborator

I am interested in the experience of health and illness, particularly living with chronic conditions. I am deeply committed to feminist, gender-transformative health promotion and researching interventions that can simultaneously address harmful gender norms while improving health. Finally, I am interested in the policy process as a mechanism for social change. These interests have led to various projects over the years related to health and gender, health equity, and change—individual, organizational, and structural.

I am currently involved in the Sex and Gender Methods Group (; we are completing a study on researchers’ engagement with sex and gender considerations as they study cardiovascular disease. Other current activities include supporting health care providers to engage in trauma- and violence-informed practice; improving health care providers’ responses to gender-based violence; and improving newcomer/immigrant women’s health.

Area of Research Expertise
Health; Sex; Gender; Health equity; Cardiovascular disease; Health promotion