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It’s a Wrap: Women’s Health Seminar Series 2021/2022

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That’s a wrap! Our Women’s Health Seminar Series 2021/2022 has completed! Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to our wonderful speakers for sharing their expertise in a variety of women’s health topics. Members of the public, faculty and students from the undergraduate level up to postdoctoral fellows were able to attend this year’s seminars.

Want a better idea of the diversity of our audience? From the UBC community alone, registrants came from over 20 different disciplines including the medical sciences, economics, land and food systems, and public health!

Registrants from all over the world have been able to join us. We were also lucky enough to have guest lecturers join us from 12 different institutions all over Canada and the United States.

This year, we awarded certificates of completion to 4 individuals who attended 80% or more of our sessions. A big congratulations to the following attendees. We admire your dedication!

Erin Grafe
Romina Garcia De Leon
Tanvi Puri
Bonnie Lee

Want to re-watch the seminars? Head to the 2021-2022 Women’s Health Seminar Series page to access recordings.

Loved the series? Be sure to check out what we have planned for the Women’s Health Seminar Series 2022/2023 program. Details coming soon!