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We're hiring part-time UBC students

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UBC students who are looking for part time employment from Sep-Apr should check out one of the 6 roles we're hiring for through Careers Online. Check out a summary of the roles and what we're looking for in candidates below. Tip: Search for the positions using the job name or job ID. Unfortunately, due to funding limitations, we are only able to consider domestic students for these roles. 


We're hiring 2 students to join our Women's Health Interrupted podcast team. One of these roles will take over as host for season 2. This person should have excellent public speaking skills and have a strong research background in health sciences, womens health and/or sex gender research. The other role will focus more on the technical aspects of podcasting. The incumbent should have prior audio editing experience, ideally with Adobe Audition. We're flexible to shift responsibilities around to suit your preferences too! So, if you have an audio editing background but are keen to host a podcast as well—let us know!

Job Name: WL W21 Knowledge Translation Podcast Coordinator | Job ID: 889389


We're seeking 1 graduate student to be a Co-Coordinator of the Women's Health Blog. This student will work with one of our current Co-Coordinators to seek out quality content and publish 2 blogs per month related to women's health/sex and gender research and diverse profressionals in the field. Candidates should have a strong research background in health sciences, womens health and/or sex gender research as well as excellent organizational and writing skills.

Job Name: WL W21 Knowledge Translation Blog Coordinator | Job ID: 889388

Events & Communications

We're looking for 2 students to be an Event Coordinator & Communication Assistant. These students will work together to manage some of our ongoing knowledge translation initiatives, such as our Women's Health Seminar Series, and some of our one-off events like Sex Cells!. In addition they will produce content for all of our social media accounts and manage promotion for our initiatives. Ideal candidates will have demonstrated leadership experience related to event planning/facilitation, superior written abilities and a strong research background in health sceinces. 

Job Name: WL W21 Event Coordinator and Communications Assistant | Job ID: 889384

Data & Evaluation Specalist

The Women's Health Research Cluster is quickly expanding and we need 1 graduate student to help us evaluate the impact of our work. Ideal candidates will have experience evaluating programs, strong reserach background in health sciences and statistical analyses. Resourcefulness and an ability to work independently is preferred. 

Job Name: WL W21 Data and Evaluation Specialist | Job ID:  889390