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New Podcast: We Need Your Help!

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Friday, August 14, 2020 - 15:37

We are very excited to launch a new Women’s Health Podcast in September! The podcast will explore multidisciplinary perspectives on women’s health through the eyes of STEM researchers at all career stages—including students. The goal of this podcast is to raise awareness about women’s health issues and guide listeners through their health journey’s by sharing practical information. Because of this, conversations will be informative, relatable and digestible for all audiences. This initiative will also be used to train the next generation of women's health leaders in effective science communication. Two graduate students will be hired to be our podcast hosts and will receive mentorship by knowledge translation and communication experts. 

We need people like you who are passionate about women's health, science communication and student development to help us make this project happen. In order to move forwards with this podcast, we need to purchase audio equipment so our hosts can record high quality content from the safety of their homes. Here is a breakdown of what your donation will help us purchase, depending on your contribution level:

  • $10: Two pop filters
  • $20: Two desktop mounted boom arms
  • $35: Preamplifier
  • $50: Two Marantz MPM-2000U microphones
  • $100: Zencastr audio editing software

Click the button below to learn more, donate and help make this project a reality!

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