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Trainee Research Presentation: Gone Global

On Aug 10th we held another Trainee Research Presentation that showcased the work of 5 students who are working to improve the health outcomes of women. Each presenter gave a 5 minute talk that was followed by a Q&A session. These presenters covered a wide variety of topics including racial disparities in perinatal health, differing impacts of COVID-19 on sleep, mood and empathy between the sexes, the effects of ovarian hormones on learning, biomarkers for individual SSRI responsivity in women and gender-based differences in exercise self-efficacy in individuals with stroke. This event was open to the public and had 53 registrants from around the world (Germany, Nigeria, USA, & Canada) as well as across Canada (ON, BC, AB). Participants included students who were completing their undergraduate degrees all the way to postdoctoral fellows. We also had a diverse range of professionals attend including registered nurses, an engineer, research administrators and faculty members who came to support their students. Finally, we were thrilled to see a handful of people from the general public attend as well. Thank you to everyone that participated!  

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