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November 16, 2020

Vancouver, BC v6t1z4
9:00-10:00 am PDT

These Special Presentations are part of our Women's Brain Health Virtual Conference Series, which brings attention to the brain health issues women face and encourages the medical, scientific and commercial communities to address them. In this session, we will hear from three community stakeholders that fiercly advocate for women's health in Canada.

The first presentation offers insight into how one grassroots organization is poised to make waves in federal policy-making, in part through the power of media and advocacy. The Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative (CPMHC) is Canada’s first and only perinatal mental health advocacy organization to lobby the federal government to enact a national perinatal mental health strategy. Learn how two women began a mission to change the system and, in the process, have been joined by dozens of heath care practitioners, researchers, and individuals with lived experience representing all provinces and territories. Using a variety of media outreach strategies, CPMHC is sharing stories, conducting national surveys, and both spreading awareness and moving the conversation on perinatal mental health forward.

Conversations about menopause don’t work if they continue to perpetuate myths and misinformation. Yet menopause headlines are becoming more mainstream—especially in the last eight years since Shirley Weir launched Menopause Chicks onto the world stage to “crack open the conversation.” If you saw “menopause” in the title of this presentation and thought: hot, old, tired, bitchy or fat…think again! Our second presentation is not about what your mother neglected to warn you about. Fifty-three-year old women’s health advocate, Shirley Weir, is going to unpack how menopause (and all of its unspoken assumptions) has become a social construct with media, marketers and the medical community. She will describe how this outdated innuendo is preventing women from accessing the health care they deserve, and how it’s costing us our relationships, workplaces and communities. Join us for this important conversation as Shirley wants to hear your ideas for how we move the menopause conversation from innuendo to innovation and build a new model for women’s midlife health.

Speaker Presentation Title

Patricia Tomasi, Journalist & Co-Founder of the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative 

Jamie Charlebois, Co-Founder of the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative, RN and Perinatal Mood Disorder Coordinator

Mom on a Mission: Getting government to enact a National Perinatal Mental Health Strategy through the power of media and advocacy.
Shirley Weir, Founder Menopause Chicks  Menopause UNSpoken: What is NOT being said when we TALK about menopause (...and how it’s keeping women from living their healthiest midlife!)


9:05-9:30—Mom on a Mission

9:30-9:55—Menopause UNSpoken

9:55-10:00—Closing Remarks

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General Public: $15

Students: $10

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