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January 9, 2023

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
Seminar Title: Sex Differences in Exercise for Healthy Cognitive Aging

Presenter: Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia, Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity, Mobility, and Cognitive Health

Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose, PhD, PT, Professor, is a physical therapist and a Canada Research Chair at the University of British Columbia, Department of Physical Therapy. She directs the Aging, Mobility and Cognitive Health Laboratory ( as well as the Vancouver General Hospital’s Falls Prevention Clinic (

Dr. Liu-Ambrose’s research focuses on understanding the role of exercise in promoting cognitive and mobility outcomes in older adults.Her research expertise are in randomized controlled trials, exercise prescription for older adults, cognitive neuroscience, and mobility in aging. Her research findings have been implemented into clinical practice, community programs, and influenced international practice guidelines to promote healthy aging.

Talk Summary: As the world’s aging population rapidly increases, efficient (i.e., effective and cost-effective/cost-saving) strategies to promote healthy cognitive aging at a population level becomes a necessary health care priority. Physical exercise is an inexpensive treatment that could have substantial preventative and restorative properties for cognitive function and brain health. In this presentation, we will review the current evidence regarding the role of physical exercise in promoting cognitive and brain outcomes in older adults. We will also highlight potential sex differences in exercise efficacy and critical windows to intervene for females.

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Event Keywords: 
cognitive aging, exercise, sex differences