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Dr. Najah Adreak, MD, MSc

Study Coordinator

Applied (Clinical and Engineering Applications)

Dr. Najah Adreak is an aspiring heart surgeon and clinical researcher with a Master of Science in Surgery degree from UBC. She earned her medical degree from Tripoli University and trained in the Cardiac Surgery residency program in Libya before moving to Canada for further education and training. Najah is the Trainee Representative for the  Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance and is an active member of the education and training working group. She advocates for cardiovascular health and treatment, especially for underserved women patients, and has led the western committee for the 2021-2022 Wear Red Canada campaign. Currently,  she is a study coordinator with the Harris Research Team at BC Children’s Hospital, a place that combines her passion for congenital heart disease, research, heart anatomy and her love for working with kids.

Area of Research Expertise
Cardiac surgery, Women's heart health, Mini-invasive valve surgery, Education, Digital health