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Lauren Drogos, PhD

Director of Operations

University of Calgary

Lauren finished her doctorate in Psychology in 2014. She began working as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Women’s Mental Health Research Program in 2005 and completed her Master’s Thesis in 2009 on “Endogenous Oxytocin across the Menstrual Cycle and with Oral Contraceptive Use: Effects on Verbal Memory and Mood (Advisor: Dr. Pauline Maki)” Lauren continued her training at UIC with the WMHRP and did her dissertation on “Autonomic Nervous System Activity and Menopausal Symptoms (Advisor: Dr. Pauline Maki).” Throughout her training, Lauren won a number of awards for her work, including the North American Menopause Society’s New Investigator Award (2006), and the Provost’s Award for Graduate Research (2013). She is currently the Program Director for the Libin Cardiovascular Institute at University of Calgary, as well as the Program Coordinator for the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Program.
Dr. Drogos’ publications