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Dr. Lauren Drogos

AIHS Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Calgary

Research Interests: Identifying, and increasing awareness of sex differences in cognition and the brain has been the underlying theme of my research. Within this theme I have two main directions of research. First, I investigate changes in mental abilities associated with normal fluctuations in sex steroid hormones (e.g., estrogen). Currently it is known that at times of hormonal fluctuation such as menarche and menopause; risk for mood disorders is higher compared to other time points across a woman’s life.  My second area of interest focuses on abnormal changes in cognition associated with aging. Even when correcting for difference in life expectancy, women are at an increased risk of developing dementia compared to men. 

Across these two areas of research I am interested in investigating potential mechanisms by which hormonal fluctuations and stress can impact cognition and mood, and how these may change with healthy and abnormal aging. The overarching goal of this research trajectory is to explain and potentially target treatments to women’s increased susceptibilities to psychological mood disorders and dementia.