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Dr. Janet Currie


Independent Voices for Safe and Effective Drugs

Applied (Clinical and Engineering Applications)

Janet Currie was a founder and principal of Focus Consultants, (Victoria BC), where she completed over a hundred major research and evaluation projects for the federal, provincial and territorial governments. This research addressed women’s health and addictions, regulation of pharmaceutical products, and government programs for domestic violence, child support, separation and divorce, victims of crime and access to justice.  

She was appointed as a two-term member of Health Canada’s Senior Expert Advisory Committee on the Vigilance of Drug Products and testified in Parliament and at the Canadian Senate multiple times on aspects of medication safety and off-label prescribing.  She was the chair of the Canadian Women’s Health Network and is past chair of the Public Awareness Committee of the Canadian Deprescribing Network where she continues to develop public information on deprescribing.

She is a co-founder of Independent Voices for Safe and Effective Drugs a pan-Canadian organization that focuses on access, cost containment,  safety and effectiveness of prescription drugs for the Canadian public. 

She founded and continues to coordinate a website that provides evidence-based information for the public on sleeping pills and benzodiazepines. She completed her PhD at UBC in 2021 which examined the patient, clinician, policy and socio-cultural factors contributing to the increasing off-label use of domperidone to treat low milk supply in BC.