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Student Travel Awards

This annual Student Travel Award program offers prizes worth $250 to students who are giving poster or oral presentations at women's health conferences across the world. The award is intended to support students to attend conferences and workshops by helping to cover the costs of accommodation, registration and meals. Read more about the winners of our 2019 competition here

As a result of the pandemic, this program is currently on hold until it is safe for conferences to be held in person once again. In the meantime we have created the CIHR Sex and Gender Chair in Genetics Conference Award, which offers $250 prizes for students presenting (poster or talk) at a conference on sex differences or women's health. This money can be used to register for the conference or pay membership fees at a professional society. 

Award Amount: 

The cluster will offer 10 awards worth $250. The award can be used to cover travel expenses, accommodation, conference/workshop registration costs and per diems. Total funding available is $2,500. Only one award per trainee per year. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a Trainee member (Masters, PhD or Post Doc) in the Women’s Health Research Cluster.
  • Be presenting a talk or poster presentation at a local, national or international conference or workshop in 2019.
  • Be the first author on the abstract, which has been accepted for presentation at the conference. 

Important Dates:

  • Deadline for Applications: August 9th, 2019 at 11:59 PM (for travel in 2019)
  • Funding decision date: September 20th, 2019. Award funding decision notifications will be sent to applicants by email. 

Application Procedure: 

To apply applicants, need to complete and submit the online WHRC Travel Award Application form (below) and upload all required supporting documents. Please note applications submitted with missing or incomplete information will not be considered.

Review Process:

Applications will be reviewed by committee chosen from the Women’s Health Research cluster membership.


Funds for this travel award will be released after the conference/workshop. Reimbursements will be provided upon submission of receipts and proof of attendance of the conference/workshop.

Proof of conference attendance/presentation include:

  • A Copy of the accepted conference/workshop abstract 
  • A copy of the conference program (Highlight name, title of poster/presentation, poster number, order of authorship)

Note: Trainees must submit all original receipts for expenses being claimed. Spending should adhere to the UBC Policy on Travel and Related Expenses (

Please contact our Network Manager at with any questions about the travel award application process. 

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