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CIHR Sex and Gender Science Chair in Genetics Conference Award

The CIHR Sex and Gender Chair in Genetics Conference Award offers $250 prizes for 10 students who are presenting at a conference on sex differences or women's health. This money can be used to register for the conference. Competitions will be held bi-annually. 


  • You must be a member of the Women’s Health Research Cluster. To become a member, click here
  • You must be a full-time student or postdoctoral fellow at UBC or a UBC-affiliated center.
  • You must be presenting your work (poster or talk) at an upcoming conference related to Sex Differences and/or Women’s Health.

Supporting Documents:

  • Either pre-doctoral or fellowship NIH-style Biosketch (no more than 4 pages) 
  • Conference Abstract (optional, 250 words max) 

Application Deadline:

Please complete your application by November 22, 2020.

Submit an Application

This award is made possible by the donation of Dr. Elizabeth Rideout who is the CIHR Sex and Gender Chair in Genetics. If you are interested in sponsoring the Women's Health Research Cluster please send us an email at