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Early Bird Registration for the "Mind the Gap: Hormonal Contraceptives and Brain Health" Conference Ends this Week!

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Early bird registration for our upcoming virtual conference series, "Mind the Gap: Hormonal Contraceptives and Brain Health", ends this Thursday, September 15th! 

Join us from October until March 2023 for a series of bi-weekly events including two keynote talks, four symposia, trainee mentor sessions, guest workshops and a roundtable discussion where attendees will co-create create a blueprint for future research on hormonal contraceptives. You are invited to join all of these gatherings, or pick and choose which ones you want to attend. 

This virtual conference series will dig into unique aspects of hormonal contraceptives and the examined effects of these hormones on the brain. It will engage researchers, clinicians, community partners, trainees, and policymakers to share research and develop strategies to spotlight the need for consideration of female-specific factors to improve women+'s brain health. The overall objective of this conference is to bring attention to the brain health issues that women+ face and encourage the medical, scientific and commercial communities to address them. 

Check out our Conference Program to see what we've got in store and register here before September 15th for up to a 40% discount!