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September 23, 2022

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Join us online for our next Trainee Research Presentation!

This session will feature short, blitz-style presentations by trainees about their undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral research projects. It's a great opportunity to learn about what students interested in womens health are working on, to join an engaging discussion and connect with peers. Check out our speaker line-up and register for this free event below.

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Julia Yates, MSc Student, Western University

Bio: Julia is a second year MSc student in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program at Western University. She recently graduated from Western University with an Honours Specialization in Health Sciences. Her research primarily focuses on health promoting behaviours, such as resilience, coping mechanisms, and physical activity, among vulnerable populations, such as women experiencing gender-based violence.

Talk Title: The resilience of rural women experiencing economic abuse in the context of gender-based violence

Emma Goodwin, MSc Student, Univerity of British Columbia

Bio: Emma is a second year Masters student in the Women+ and Children's Health program at UBC. She previously completed her BSc Honours in Biology at the University of Prince Edward Island in 2020. Now, her research is focused on understanding the mental health of endometriosis patients at a population level. Specifically, she is looking at the prevalence of anxiety and depression, and how these may affect treatment and outcomes after surgery. 

Talk Title: Prevalence of anxiety and depression in both symptomatic and asymptomatic surgically-confirmed endometriosis patients

Louise Schindler, PhD Student, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Bio: Louise is a PhD student in the FemiLab at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Her research focuses on factors that influence female brain health during chronological and endocrine ageing, using large-scale population cohorts such as the UK Biobank. She is particularly interested in the menopause and the factors associated with this transition, such as increased risk for obesity and cardiometabolic diseases. Prior to her PhD, she completed a BSc in Psychology at the University of Bristol and an MSc in Translational Neuroscience at Imperial College London.

Talk Title: Menopause, cardiometabolic health, and the brain 

Elaha Niazi, Undergraduate Student, University of Calgary

Bio: Elaha Niazi is a third-year undergraduate student studying Health Sciences at the University of Calgary. Her passion for women’s health advocacy led her to carry out a summer studentship this year, where her main work investigates the effect of in-vitro fertilization on cardiovascular outcomes in females. In her free time, Elaha volunteers with her university’s Women’s Resource Center and enjoys exploring the mountains of Alberta.  

Talk Title: In-vitro fertilization and heart health: Is there a link

Tessa Woodside, Undergraduate Student, Queen's University

Bio: Tessa is a third-year undergraduate student at Queen's University,  majoring in Life Sciences. Her interest in kidney disease has led her to two summer studentships with the Libin Cardiovascular Institute for both years. This summer, her research primarily focused on the perceptions and priorities of females living with kidney disease, as it relates to their reproductive health. This emphasis on patient-oriented research has allowed her to gain a deeper interest in the advancement of women's health research, and the importance of the patient perspective. She hopes to bring light to female reproductive health in kidney disease, and to continue the push for increased patient-oriented research within the research community.

Talk Title: Female reproductive health and kidney disease

Event Keywords: 
anxiety, cardiometabolic health, cardiovascular health, depression, endometriosis, gender-based violence, in-vitro fertilization, kidney disease, menopause, obesity, pregnancy